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If you know what causes heart disease, it would be easier to understand how to prevent it or a minimum of cut back the likelihood of littered with it. For women, this includes being aware that menopause causes the female population to slowly catch the male population with regards to the risk of dying due to heart disease. What causes heart disease is an array of factors that are principally avoidable if one desires to live a healthier life and these embody hypercholesteremia, hypertension, diabetes, being overweight, stress, insufficient exercise, and smoking. Knowing what causes heart attacks is additionally essential as a result of heart disease in ladies is usually misdiagnosed and undetected. Whereas physicians have discovered that the symptoms of heart attacks are similar for both men and women, men have a tendency to be a lot of correct in describing what they’re feeling. Men typically describe the pain on the left part of the neck and therefore the left arm and the sensation of a heavy weight on the chest. Thus, doctors immediately recognize they are affected by a heart attack. On the opposite hand, ladies are often obscure when describing the symptoms of a heart attack, often stating that they feel dizzy or nauseous or weak or they are doing not feel good. So, many heart attacks in women go unnoticed and therefore untreated. Congenital heart disease is an inborn defect of the most important blood vessels and the guts that results into an abnormal or obstructed flow of blood through the heart. This is one amongst the foremost prevalent congenital defects and it is also the prime explanation for deaths thanks to birth defects. There are four major varieties of congenital heart disease and these are: obstruction defects; hypoplasia; cyanotic defects; and septal defects. In septal defects, blood could flow from the left part of the heart to the proper part. Cyanotic defects are the results of insufficient oxygen within the body which is typically evident as bluish-grey skin. When the veins, arteries or heart valves are blocked or too narrow, there’s an obstruction defect. Hypoplasia is the results of an underdeveloped left or right ventricle. These defects are quite completely different from the same old heart disease as a result of they are inborn. Coronary disease has been found to be the number one explanation for death for girls and not cancer. The amount of women within the United States who succumb to stroke, heart attacks, and different cardiovascular diseases is nearly double the number of ladies who die from all varieties of cancer. Several of the risk factors for heart attacks will be controlled like obesity, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, too much stress, and smoking. Knowing what causes heart disease is so essential within the try to stop it and thereby live a extended and healthier life.

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It is important to know the signs of heart disease in women, especially if you’re a husband with a wife suffering from a heart problem. Conditions relating to the heart are more frequent in women than in men. In fact, there is a significant difference in the percentage of women dying from heart diseases than men.

By knowing these signs of heart disease, you could prevent the event of any serious heart problem such as a heart attack or stroke.

Heart disease kills women with an alarming rate of over 65 percent more than all types of cancers combined. The challenge is that the signs of heart disease in women are different from that in men.

The most observed heart attack symptom in both sexes is the discomfort experienced within the chest area. This symptom, however, does not always indicate a serious heart condition, especially in women.

Besides chest pain, other symptoms may also be experienced before a heart attack such as dizziness, difficulty in breathing, vomiting or nausea, fatigue, sweating, or pain in body parts including the shoulder, neck, abdomen, or upper back.

These signs of heart disease in women, however, are more restrained than stabbing chest pain. This may be due to women having blockages in the smaller arteries and not just in the major ones.

There are a lot of factors that may reduce the signs of heart disease in women. The most common of them may include high levels of cholesterol, obesity, and high blood pressure, which also poses the same risks in men. Other factors could pose greater risks of heart disease in women.

Metabolic syndrome is a mixture of fat within the abdomen, high levels of blood sugar and triglycerides, and high blood pressure that is a bigger factor in women than in men. Along with this factor are depression and mental stress, as well as smoke from cigarettes and low estrogen levels following menopause.

The signs of heart disease in women are not just for the old ones to be aware of, but for the younger ones as well. Although the condition is the number death cause in women at the age of 65 and above, it ranks third for women in the age of 25 to 44. Furthermore, it places second as the leading cause of death in women ranging from 45 to 64 years old. Family history is also a big factor that women should take into consideration.

Fortunately, there are ways in which these signs could be reduced and hopefully prevent the risk of a heart disease. Exercising for about 30 minutes on a daily basis makes your cardiovascular system stronger and healthier.

Weight management should also be put into practice, as well as a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and grains that have high amounts of fiber. Prevention is the best cure, so these signs of heart disease in women should be observed carefully.

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