Blood pressure is the pressure experienced by the blood in the arteries when the heart pumps blood to all members of the human body.

Blood pressure is created by taking two sizes and usually there are two numbers that will be referred by a physician.

For example, doctors call 140-90, it will mean is 140/90 mmHg. The first number (140) shows the upward pressure due to pulsation of the arteries when the heart or heart beat or beats, and is called the systolic pressure is often called upon pressure.

The second number (90) shows the pressure when the heart is resting between pumping, and is called the diastolic pressure or under pressure is often called.

Hypertension can be caused by:
There are several things that can cause a person has high blood pressure.

There are factors that cause high blood pressure that you can not control. There is also that you can control so that it can cope with high blood pressure. Some of these factors include:

This factor can not you control. If someone has a parent or relative who has high blood pressure, it is likely he suffered from high blood pressure is greater.

Statistics show that the problem of high blood pressure is higher in identical twins than identical twins are not. A study shows that there is evidence that gene for high blood pressure problems.

This factor can not you control. Research shows that as age increases a person, the blood pressure will increase. You can not expect that your blood pressure will be the same as young as you get older. But you can control in order not to pass the upper limit of normal.

These factors can you control. Salt can increase blood pressure in some people quickly, especially for diabetics, people with mild hypertension, people with old age, and those who were black.

These factors can you control. Excess fat in your blood, it can cause cholesterol deposits in blood vessel walls.

It can make blood vessels constrict and blood pressure will increase as a result. Take control of your cholesterol as early as possible. For tips on controlling cholesterol, please see the following article: cholesterol.

Obesity / Overweight
These factors can you control. People, who weigh over 30 percent of ideal body weight, are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

These factors can you control. Stress and emotional conditions are not stable also can trigger high blood pressure.

These factors can you control. Smoking also can increase blood pressure is high. Smoking habits may increase the risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

Therefore, the habit of smoking continues to proceed when it has high blood pressure, is a very dangerous combination that will trigger diseases related to heart and blood.

These factors can you control. Caffeine found in coffee, tea and cola drinks can cause increased blood pressure.


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