According to Professor Lewin, “the most significant way to recover from heart disease is to replace the mistaken beliefs or ‘cardiac misconceptions’ that most of the people have about heart disease with more realistic facts. This is the only way according to Lewis that help these people to recover quickly.”

Some people think as if they are fully aware of the facts that are accountable behind getting heart disease. Few says, ‘I might have smoked, but stress is the main culprit that got me.” According to Lewis, this is extremely dangerous, as people stop doing anything and keep on resting, ignoring the fact that they are more prone to experience angina and eventually depression would be the result.

To build up a positive attitude in heart disease patients, it is necessary to inform them and give them the accurate details, once the disease has been diagnosed. They should be told their exact conditions, its prospective and the adjustments and changes they need to make under an organized counseling sessions. Talking about their feelings and doubts is of no use, the real task is to clear up their all misconceptions and taught them how to deal with such mistaken beliefs.

It is not always possible for everyone to have such sessions, but there are other factors for you that help you to devise a more positive ways of thinking. It has often been seen that even after having a heart attack, heart heals swiftly. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and medical sciences, the medical experts easily diagnose the problem or disease and that is on time before it becomes life threatening. Same goes for heart disease, medical sciences now have advanced equipment that help doctors and physicians to diagnose the right problem quickly and easily.

One should keep in mind that stress, hard work, worry or tension are not the causes of heart disease, there are other identifiable factors, such as lack of activity, smoking, high cholesterol and so on, and these are the factors, which require special consideration and treatment to prevent heart disease.

If you don’t have enough information and knowledge about heart disease or in any sort of doubt, feel free to contact your doctor for advice and information. You can also take help from cardiac help lines run by some hospitals or even by heart charities. Even books and magazines are available in the market that particularly focus on heart disease and can be really useful in getting up to date knowledge and information regarding heart diseases and their cure. Before buying any magazine or book, make sure that the book or magazine is a more recent edition for anything older may mislead you. This is so because treatment and knowledge changing is changing all the time with the introduction of new technology. Always go for authenticity rather than believing on false alarms. Life is precious – handle it with care.

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