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As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure,” preventive care focuses on keeping people healthy by way of regular health check-ups, guided diet plans, education to promote healthy habits and prescribed clinical or out-patient tests.

Preventive heart care or cardiac care ensures health and longevity. The need is for a comprehensive heart care program that includes sustained individual risk reduction counselling to support healthy lifestyles and prevents heart disease and stroke.

From an organizational perspective, a comprehensive heart care program means to assist high-risk individuals to become healthier and more productive employees, with substantial savings to the health plan and the company’s bottom line.

Facts about heart diseases & strokes:

1. In US, in the year 2005 the cost of heart disease and stroke was estimated at $ 393.5 billion. Due to aging baby boomers heart disease costs are expected to rise phenomenally by 2010.

2. Heart disease are the leading causes for deaths in US, accounting for 40% of all deaths.

3. Employees with multiple heart disease and stroke risk factors – high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco smoking, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and high stress will cost employees more money in terms of health care, and results in absenteeism, lower productivity than employees with one or none of these risk factors.

As it is understood that, heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death and disability, and a source of major costs to individuals and organizations.

Preventive heart care takes two different forms: One that is based on training and support programs to prolong life and reduce the risk of heart disease, and second, availing multiple health check facilities as clinical or out-patient services, especially to prevent or detect heart disease at an early stage.

As part of the preventive heart care, scheduled exercise sessions each month, nutritional counselling to reduce cardiac risk and maintain healthy weight, and periodic stress management and relaxation sessions are prescribed for patients. Case management with progress reports of each patient are sent to the referring physicians.

The clinical or outpatient services that aim to achieve preventive heart care include physiological screening, heart rate variability assessment, treatment for CAD risk reduction, Hemogram, Biochemical Parameters, Lipid profile, Liver function tests, General tests and Cardiac Tests.

The Cardiac Tests that include Cardiac Stress Analysis (CSA/TMT), Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), Diet Counselling, Echo Cardiogram, and Cardiac Consultation are considered a primary to achieve preventive heart care.

Preventive heart care is a healthy heart care program that includes regular heart check-ups, guided diet plans and maintaining healthy lifestyles. To know more details about healthy heart check-up programs, visit our website IPC heart care centre.

The diagnoses of gum disease are on the increase, and this disease prices its victims money and pain every year! Even more discouraging, those most typically troubled by this disease are past retirement, and could have issue finding the means to treat their condition. People responsive to this condition are looking out for cheap dental care solutions for preventing this disease — take a look at these three ways that you can best protect your gums.

Resolution one: Habit Control
Smoking, chewing tobacco, overeating, excessive consumption of sweets, and the employment of antidepressants and other varieties of drugs will dramatically increase your possibilities of developing periodontal disease. If you are worried about developing gum disease, you’ll defend your mouth! To fend off this condition, think about quitting some of these health-threatening habits, and choosing healthier foods — your mouth and your body will thank you.

Answer 2: Preventative Care
Preventative oral hygiene is often the most cheap dental look after the prevention of gum diseases. Here are some practical steps to determine the proper hygiene that can help prevent the onset of this condition.

1. Brushing. Brushing in the morning, after a meal, and before you head to sleep may be a necessary pattern to determine if you’re experiencing this disease. While a large quantity of brushing might appear sort of a trouble, this daily pattern will save you a massive quantity of your time at the dentist workplace and keep greenbacks in your pocket — the hours and cash you’ll be able to save are smart reasons to put in this extra effort!

2. Flossing. Though flossing may seem tough or inconvenient, several dentists equate the unsanitary effects of not flossing to not cleaning between your fingers when laundry your hands! Flossing is crucial — those that don’t floss might accumulate a tooth-threatening amount of decay in the future.

3. Swishing Mouthwash. Though dentists agree that using mouthwash cannot substitute for brushing, it will create a comprehensible distinction in your effort to regain management of a mouth overrun by decay. Be positive to use a mouthwash with zinc chloride. Most mouthwashes use a kind of alcohol to kill bacteria in your mouth, however this alcohol ingredient alone does not necessarily cleanse your mouth from the bacteria that can cause gum disease.

Answer three: Treatment at a Dentist Office
Once patients have been diagnosed with gum disease, they may need to research a few treatment options at their dentists. Many dentist offices, however, don’t provide low cost enough look after patients to manage, in a very time when deep cleanings and gingivectomy procedures value thousands of bucks without an affordable dental care plan. Patients with such a set up might find higher rates at their dentists, who can provide effective treatment for this condition.

These three prevention methods will be useful ways in which to rid your mouth of gum disease. Investigate these solutions to search out the help you wish to treat your condition. Diligent oral care will take much discipline and patience, but as a result of dentistry work is expensive, your additional effort will be price it!

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