What you think, and how you think can actually produce illness in your body. Well its called dis-ease for a reason

Here are some examples that can not only pull you back from worthwhile endeavor, but can also cause anxiety, depression and numerous other illnesses. The illnesses are created by your body, because of the dis-ease, the conflict, or negative emotion your thoughts create. Because whatever thoughts are made up, they have energy enough to produce physical reactions in your body. In fact sometimes they act as if they were real viruses. So beware.

1.I’m powerless.I’m a victim of circumstance. A favorite of media coverage and political soundbites. Its not OUR fault, we must Blame THEM (Them being the mythical – Other). Counter this with – I’m responsible and in control of my life. I cannot control circumstances, but I can control absolutely my attitude to those circumstances. The world is not what it is – but what I believe it to be.

2. Life is a struggle. Something must be wrong if it appears to be easy or I am having fun. I will be punished. Life is Full.L ife is potential. It is good that I relax.It is okay to have fun. Life is a huge adventure, with both ups and downs.

3. If I take a risk I will fail. I always fail. I am unlucky. It is okay to take risks.It is normal to fail. Everyone fails. Its how everyone learns. Its okay to fail, and its okay to succeed. I deserve success, like everyone else. Failure is just a stepping stone that is required to reach success, in any endeavor.

4. Failure is the worst thing. No-one likes failures. No-one likes me. Anyone who is succeeding is failing somewhere. That’s how life works. Failure is not you – its an action, like eating or sleeping. We all do it.

5. I am unimportant. My feelings and my needs are of no consequence. I am a valuable and important person. Because everyone is important and valuable. We are all unique and we all have unique gits to offer the world. I am equal to anyone, but above no-one.

6. I should always look my best. I should always be happy, no matter how I feel. I must never let my feeling show. It is okay to be who you are.You are unique and that shows. Be yourself.

7. If I worry enough enough it will help. And worrying is all I am able to do. Worrying has no effect on problems. Worrying creates a negative energy that eats the one who worries. Actions produces results. Whether you worry or not, it has no effect on the problem, only you. Actions changes problems. Worrying is exhausting. Create energy don’t destroy your energy.

8. I am not strong enough to cope with difficult situations. I am weak. Whatever life deals you or me, it also deals me the ability to overcome the situation. It is a rule of Life. Whatever the situation, the situation comes with a solution. Always. Balance is a fact of life. And the solutions are found in breaking down the situation into small pieces.Everything can be accomplished by taking small steps. All journeys start with the first step. All mountains are climbed one step at a time (and only ever – one step at a time).

9. The outside world is very dangerous. There is only safety in what is known and familiar. I must not deviate from the path i know, no matter how bad it seems. Everything else is worse. There is no Outside World. There is only the world and how you view it. Decide to see the World as a whole place with you in it. It is scary and fun and terrifying and wonderful and happy and sad. The world has been created for you to explore.Hiding is merely closing your eyes to the wonder. Open your eyes and look only for the Wonder (today – tomorrow you can let yourself see the sadness if you want to- its your choice).

Recognise how you think creates your world. Recognise you can change how you thin, deliberately and consciously. Recognize when you are tired or run down, you feel ‘low’.The world seems ‘too much’. But when you are excited and happy – the World is wonderful. Its how you think that changes the world. The world doesn’t change you. And how you think, and what you are thinking about can make you genuinely ill, as your body conforms to the world you create. Take some time and focus on what you think about. The World is for you. Open your eyes to the wonder.

Martin Gover writes on healthy stuff and wellness stuff at

And he tends to believe he’s ok, most of the time.

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Chronic Kidney Disease concludes the conditions that damage our kidneys and decrease their ability to keep our healthy. With many different causes, Chronic Kidney Disease can causes piling up of wastes in our blood and then make us feel sick.

Firstly, Hypertension is one of the leading causes of Chronic Kidney Disease. As blood pressure against the walls of blood vessels, large amount of protein may leak out of blood vessels. Long-term leakage of protein will cause damage to the filtration membrane which is composed of different function cells, leading to the vicious circle. Great destroy of renal damage is difficult to reverse and will give rise to beforehand failure of kidneys. This is the reason why is hematuria not as terrible as proteinuria for people with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Secondly, another leading cause of Chronic Kidney Disease is Diabetes. Diabetes happens when blood sugar is too high. Long time increased blood sugar not only causes damages to kidneys, but also causes damages to our many other organs such as heart, nerves, blood vessels and eyes. As the leading causes of Chronic Kidney Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes are responsible for up to two-thirds of the cases.

Thirdly, being divided into primary glomerulonephritis and secondary glomerulonephritis, glomerulonephritis is another major cause of Chronic Kidney Disease. It mainly refers to the glomerular damage and the chief manifestations of it are proteinuria, hematuria, swelling and high blood pressure.

Fourthly, inherited disease such as Polycystic Kidney Disease which means there are many cysts on the kidneys can cause Chronic Kidney Disease as well. Enlarged cysts will oppress the surrounding renal tissues, leading to the ability of some of renal intrinsic cells and as a result, glomerular filtration rate decreases. Glomerular filtration rate is one of the major indexes indicating Chronic Kidney Disease and decreased of it usually indicates the poor renal function.

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When people are nervous or excited, the breathlessness and even hyperventilation can be caused. Pulmonary alveolis must constantly expand without moderate and necessary contraction. Therefore, mood swings can seriously endanger the human health and some diseases can be caused.

First, many blains can be caused. When people are angry, a large amount of blood can be sent to the head, which can reduce the content of oxygen in the blood and increase the number of toxins. The toxins can stimulate the hair follicles to cause different kinds of inflammations around the hair follicles. Thus, blains can be caused. The aging of brain cells can also be accelerated. When the blood is sent to the brain, the pressure of brain blood vessels can be increased.

The angry sense can also stimulate the sympathetic nerves and directly act on the heart and blood vessels. The blood flow volume in the gastric and intestinal tracts can be decreased, gastric peristalsis can be slowed down and the appetite can be worsened. If the situation is rather serious, gastric ulcer can even be caused. People should often massage the stomach so as to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms.

When a large amount of blood is sent to the brain, the blood supply for the heart will be decreased to cause myocardial ischemia. In order to maintain the normal activities for the body, the heart has to work twice as much, which can cause irregular heart beat. When people are angry, it is better for them to calm down quickly so as to reduce the serious results.

In addition, when people are angry, a kind of substance called “catecholamine” can be secreted by the human body. This kind of substance can act on the central nervous system to increase the blood sugar and enhance the decomposition ability of fatty acid, which can increase the toxins in the blood and liver cells. At this time, people should drink water, as water can accelerate the elimination of free fatty acid inside the human body so as to decrease the toxicity.

In fact, the immune system can also be affected. When people are angry, the brain will ask the body to produce a kind of corticosterone which is transformed from cholesterol. The excessive accumulation of corticosterone can hinder the normal operation of the immune cells and decrease the immunity. The endocrine system can also be affected to cause hyperthyreosis. Therefore, when people are very angry, they should close eyes and breathe deeply as far as possible.

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