Heart Disease is 100% Reversible

Heart Disease is 100% Reversible. This video is about my father, Craig Smith, who has congestive heart failure…heart disease. He’s had a heart attack and w…

If you smoke, you’re more than twice as likely to have a heart attack than someone who doesn’t. Lisa shares how she managed to quit for good, and the benefit…

13 Responses to Heart Disease is 100% Reversible

  • teambanana.com says:

    My Dad diet of a heart attack when I was sixteen years old.

    Craig Smith, good for you, man.

    Gabe Smith, you’re the man, dude!! 😉 🙂 🙂 

  • Hoe Bing Lo says:

    amazing tips

  • PlantbasedAthlete says:

    This is awesome, Gabe. Keep us up to date on his progress.

  • bananiac says:

    This is incredible! He is so fortunate to have a son like you Gabe 🙂

    Thank goodness for Dr. Esselstyn’s work or else we would all be eating
    low-carb trying to strengthen our hearts. PLANTS FTW!

  • myersljennifer says:


  • Arlén Vestby says:

    LOVE this video…cute dad…….He should make his own videos…..would
    love to se his progress…..Speedy recovery to him:))

  • Ariel Ann FruityRunner says:

    Wonderful video! Good luck look forward to the next chapter. Get your dad

  • Austin Raw In PDX says:

    Gabe, this is fantastic. Keep his spirits up and yours too! It all depends
    on that. Much Love man. Get yourself some Rice and Sweet Potatoes and Carb
    The Fuck Up!! Again, Much Much Love Brother.

  • Nicole F says:

    This is a great video! I am happy your father wants to improve his health.
    I would love for my mother to adopt a vegan diet so she can experience the
    benefits. I’m afraid she will only do that if she has a scare like a heart
    attack, etc. 🙁 Any advice?

  • mrZ0NES says:

    delighted for your dad, i love seeing people see the “light” for the first
    time! its sad that most people only discovery veganism through disease.

  • veganraymie says:


  • Kfreeks says:

    I wish him all the best! He’ll definitely will make a healthy comeback on a
    vegan diet! He’s STRONG!!! :)

  • ThePuffamanChannel says:

    Lovely video, will show it to others ;)


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