James Brown Cures Hypertension & Heart Disease on the McDougall Program

James describes how he cured himself of high blood pressure and cholesterol and avoided heart surgery (bypass). He regained his lost health by a simple change to the McDougall Program. Watch…
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8 Responses to James Brown Cures Hypertension & Heart Disease on the McDougall Program

  • Instant Gratification says:

    Jim is a moderator on the McDouugall forum message board who thinks he is a
    god when it comes to forum moderation. I am really sick of all his stupid
    bullshit moderation. McDougall lets Jim have full reign on what can and
    can’t be said on his own message board. Many good ppl with other POV have
    left the board bc of this total dirtbag. Who died and made this dirtbag
    forum god? He can freely express some of his stupid opinions but others get
    these nasty PMs from this douchebag when you say something he personally
    disagrees with. This guy still looks very fat, overweight, and sick to me.
    Just look at him. Don’t send me anymore of your fucked up nastygrams Jimmy
    boy. I am getting tired of your stupid bullshit. Do you even have a life or
    do you sit around 24 hours a day and read everything everyone posts. I
    don’t need a damn babysitter.

  • mydogneo says:

    Great to have this knowledge. Helps me rethink my approach to HBP.

  • EggsOverGreasy says:

    Great report but I can’t believe his cholesterol went from 350+ to 116. And
    only 1/3 of the US population has elevated cholesterol levels, as Dr
    McDougall states here? Seems low.

  • Joe Heggs says:

    Very cool video.

  • LloydChristmas777 says:

    Awesome story. I’m so happy for you James.

  • Firetiger78 says:

    isn’t it about time that certain foods come with a health warning attached
    like “This product contains animal protein and in time may lead to the
    growth of cancer cells and the development of cardiovascular problems” as a
    result, the strains on the health service would lessen over time.

  • Staci C says:

    starting at 7:48

  • sabby123456789 says:

    What about those people that lost fat, lowered their triglycerides,
    cholesterol, blood pressure, and reversed their heart disease by doing a
    restricted-carbohydrate, high meat diet?


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