Oprah: Take care of your heart before its too late, 1 out of every 2 women will die from heart disease Dr. Ornish’s Program has healed thousands of hearts. O…

21 Responses to Oprah Show: Dr. Ornish on Reversing Heart Disease (Part 2)

  • Ivanka Zeleznjak says:

    telling people that margarine is better than butter is pure non-sense. cold
    pressed virgin olive oil is great for cleaning the arteries. this is
    obviously an old show.
    soy milk instead of fresh cow’s milk? no-no.

  • johnny TheTerminator says:

    this women is a junkie food eater ! lazy !!
    I gave up wheat and I don’t eat meat , no dairy , no bread , no sugar .. I
    you want to be healthy get these two books ; The China study by T. Colin
    Campbell and Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary; by
    Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. .These two books are back up by research and
    science best books I ever read !

  • Lyndall Caldwell says:

    copy/paste in browser: STATINS AND DEMENTIA By Red Flags Columnist, Dr.
    Malcolm Kendrick “The great thing about statins is that, in study after
    study, they have been shown to have remarkable, life-enhancing effects on
    all sorts of diseases—other than heart disease. I have kept a rough
    checklist: statins have been found to protect against breast cancer,
    colorectal cancer, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, multiple
    sclerosis… “When I say found to protect against, I mean sort of..”

  • Lyndall Caldwell says:

    yes, what this guy said.

  • Lyndall Caldwell says:

    haven’t other factors like lipoprotein(a) or homocysteine been shown to be
    more important markers than cholesterol..?

  • sysarchitect says:

    Man Oprah used to joke a lot!!! Maybe it’s when the subject is food she
    get’s in more of a joking mood, because let’s face it, people act really
    silly around foods, gobbling down things that they’ve ‘resolved’ never ever
    ever to eat, using food as an emotional cushion, and all that sort of stuff

  • guitarz330 says:

    by no means am I trying to start an argument here or be obnoxious. however,
    saturated fat consumption is not directly related to heart disease.
    Cholesterol in its natural form is harmless. In fact, our cells need it.
    Saturated fat from animals and plants (i.3. oils) increase the weight
    (increase mg/dL#) of our Low-Density Lipoproteins and High-Density
    Lipoproteins. Therefore, ratio of LDL-HDL remains equal or improves.
    Saturated fat is not responsible for heart disease. Sugar and trans fat are.

  • 1imesub says:

    You can tell by looking at him. He has some extra weight he carries around.
    He’s not lean and mean like McDougall, Esselstyn, Barnard, etc. Such a
    smart dude, why he still eats animal products baffles me to this day.

  • Lyndall Caldwell says:

    The cholesterol heart-disease connection? What is this, 1980? Should we all
    just get bypass operations too? Hasn’t the cholesterol lowering myth been

  • Goyim9 says:

    Were you unaware that Lp(a) carries cholesterol? Debunked by who?

  • Goyim9 says:

    Dr. Kendrick is not a reliable source of information. I suggest reading
    D.M.’s one star Amazon review of “The Great Cholesterol Con” for a good
    takedown of his theories.

  • Goyim9 says:

    Saying that cholesterol cannot be harmful because our bodies need it is a
    rather tired argument. Our bodies need glucose too, but too much glucose in
    your blood, and you have diabetes. Every chemical in the body has a healthy
    range. You should read Dean’s article “Cholesterol: The Good, the Bad and
    the Truth” clearing up some of the misconceptions about HDL.

  • Goyim9 says:

    “the deleterious effects of LDL are overblown too” I have no idea where you
    got that from. I do agree that LDL particle number is probably a better
    indicator of risk though, at least it was in this meta-analysis- PMID:
    19349632 There’s a so-called “threshold effect” with dietary cholesterol.
    If you already eat >300mg of cholesterol per day, additional cholesterol
    won’t have much of an impact. However, adding dietary cholesterol to a
    low-cholesterol diet can raise serum cholesterol by up to 20%.

  • 1imesub says:

    You lost me with the fish oil recommendation…. Just recommend flax

  • ChilenoPiscean22 says:

    Honestly this guy is a fuk tard. If you stoped eating fruits , vetables and
    grains, you would get sick and die. What a complete fuktard , made me LOL

  • MrKimchiNinja says:

    At 6:45 he admits the point; that sugar causes heart attacks. So why does
    he suggest people eat a bunch of carbs? He says oily foods are bad. But
    then he says eat a bunch of fish oil? LOL, he has some serious mental

  • BlueNote74 says:

    If you don’t believe that we were around 2.5 million years ago, I have
    ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you. I am not obese. I
    already said I LOST 63 pounds eating this way and have improved my BP and

  • Yura Podimov says:

    Hello! I’m Andrew.I did -15 lbs in 7 days.More here hddiet.gs#iTww

  • BlueNote74 says:

    @ChilenoPiscean22 you have that completely backwards. How did we survive
    human history for 2.5 million years with no heart disease eating the
    saturated fat? Trans fat is the killer. I eat Saturated fat all day long
    and have lost 63 pounds doing it lowered my cholesterol and BP. And I have
    improved my overall mood and am rarely hungry.

  • TheMoo1231 says:

    actually, the worst things are PROCESSED FOOD. If you a little organic
    meat, it won’t hurt. Trans fats, aspartame, MSG, Nitrates, etc, are the
    real killers.

  • Lyndall Caldwell says:

    Dr. Kendrick’s first three essays from this sampling in 2005, “The Zocor
    Debacle – I Told You So! But The Great Ship ‘Cholesterol-Lowering’ Has
    Ripped Its Guts Out On The Harsh Rocks Of Evidence, But Still It Does Not
    Sink, “He Who Pays the Piper Calls The Tune” and “Thank God He Didn’t Die
    of Heart Disease Doctor” will give you a start, there have been many, many
    more, before and since. (thre w’s)(dot)thincs(dot)org(forward


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